Stole, 2017, pigment print on silk chiffon, walnut, steel, paint, 161 x 65 x 50 cm
photo: Rachel Topham

Stole is based on an unrealized pattern for “victory” dress material from 1941, found in the archives of Mina Loy. The pattern is printed on silk chiffon and draped over a custom-made valet stand. The title is a pun on the multiple meanings of the word “stole”—a long garment worn loosely over the shoulders, to take something without permission, or a quiet, surreptitious movement.

Stole is from a series of related works which resurrect and reinterpret the work of Mina Loy (1882 - 1966), an artist, inventor, poet and feminist active in the first decades of the twentieth century. These works function as both an homage and a material re-insertion of Loy’s presence into contemporary life.