Camoufleurs, 2014
wall mural, dimensions variable
installation at G Gallery, Toronto

This painted mural evokes the asymmetrical maze of black and white shapes based on the camouflage patterns widely used on allied naval ships during WWI. Disruptive—or dazzle—camouflage was designed to create confusion and visual fatigue on the part of periscope operators, theoretically causing their aim to falter. The title is taken from the term used to describe those who designed camouflage for use in the military—camoufleurs—many of whom were artists and women. This particular pattern is drawn from an archival photograph showing the Women’s Camouflage Corps painting an example of dazzle camouflage on a landlocked boat used as a recruiting station in downtown New York City in 1918.

Women’s Camouflage Corps At Work, July 13, 1918
toned gelatin silver print, typewritten caption on paper, 22.67 x 19.36 cm
Western Newspaper Union Photo Service