Revolt (2014)

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Revolt is a series of silkscreened prints with revolutionary messages written entirely in shorthand.

Shorthand, or stenography, is the general term for abbreviated writing that can transcribe speech at the same speed at which it is spoken. Most traditional shorthand systems use a sequence of marks and symbols to represent words phonetically. The first shorthand systems, used in ancient Rome, were initially intended as a form of cryptography; a hidden or secret writing. As the practice of shorthand has since been gradually phased out of secretarial training and replaced by computers, it has become an obsolete craft and perhaps, once again, a secret language.

The heyday of shorthand, in the mid-20th century, coincided with the rise of feminism and significant changes in the status of women in society. Given the historical connection between the women's movement and women's ubiquitous knowledge of shorthand, it is surprising that shorthand was not the written language of this revolution, considering that it was a language shared almost exclusively by women.