Interloper (2005)

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Interloper came out of a year-long inquiry (textual, visual, performative) into the nature of public space and how such spaces may be used to different ends than what was intended. Over the course of the year, I documented moments when my customary movements through the city shifted to intentionally performative ones, temporarily occupying a public space or transgressing public behaviour – activities which were transitory and performed for a limited and often unwitting audience.

The final manifestation of this project is a series of 100 written scripts, location photographs, and several short videos. Each video features a static shot of a key location where a performance took place. The scenes are recognizable and benign (a park bench, an elevator, a street, a field) and initially appear to be an establishing shot in a longer filmic sequence. However, no action takes place.

Interloper explores the performative event itself, and especially the varied methods by which we document such events in order to make the experience available to an audience: photographic documentation, video tableaus, texts, residual documents, random sightings, word-of-mouth. Interloper invites the possibility for reenactment, whether it be imagined or real.