Call to Order (2012)
in collaboration with James B. Maxwell

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Call to Order is the musical sound of an organization. Using the minutes from board meetings as the harmonic framework for a potential musical score, Call to Order is a proposition: What does the administration of an organization sound like?

Comissioned on the occasion of Institutions By Artists, an international event that evaluated and activated the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives, Call to Order used the surplus production of organizational processes to generate art and intervene in the discursive framework of a conference by manipulating the underlying structures of artists' self-organization.

Thus Call to Order is a translation—into musical sound—of the meeting minutes of the organizations behind Institutions by Artists: The Convention (PAARC, Fillip, and ARCA). Musical scores were created from the meeting minutes of each organization by mapping Robert's Rules of Order onto the implied rules of Piston's Harmony and using both texts as comparative guides.

Call to Order was interspersed throughout the space of the conference as house music and sound cues during the debates, and as a live performance on the final day. Call to Order was performed by Peggy Lee (cello), Jon Bentley (alto and bass clarinets), and Chris Gestrin (piano).

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