Call for Works (2010)

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Looking for artworks by, or attributed to, Kathleen Ritter. Artworks may take the form of moving images, photographs, performances, events, scripts, posters, sound, language, ephemera, utterances, and/or instructions. They may not initially appear as artworks, but may be in a more familiar guise, such as administration, ambient music, detours, neologisms, loitering, and secretive acts. Artworks were often performed furtively and were not necessarily visible. Evidence of such gestures may remain as documentary images, video footage, anecdotes, research, maps, scripts, detonated low munitions, accessories, fraudulent products, a sense of déjà-vu, an awkward encounter, or distant memory. Works may have been disseminated by exhibition, print, mail, lecture, free gifts, invitation, word of mouth, or reenactment. Ritter has worked under different aliases including, but not limited to, the Ladies’ Afternoon Art Society, Please Pay Here Collective, and Neoclean Cosmetics. Documentation can be sent by email to Authenticity of attribution is appreciated but not mandatory.